Since 1973

Steel and mineral wool

In the simple rests the ingenious and actually it is quite simple. It is about steel and mineral wool. Together, they create panels with ideal properties.


When Isolamin was founded in northern Sweden in 1973, the first panels were manufactured from thin galvanized steel sheets, glued to a core of transverse mineral wool. The fire-resistant, noise-reducing and self-supporting sandwich elements quickly found their target audience with shipowners and shipyards around the world.


The products consist of wall, ceiling and floor elements including profiles in systems included in sandwich structures. The elements are assembled with a joint system that provides great benefits such as stability, flexibility and interchangeability.

Environment and sustainability

We work for higher productivity and less energy consumption per unit produced. We evaluate what we do based on its environmental impact



We have a high degree of service. Manuals and instructions are elaborate and instructive. Deliveries of spare parts and supplements are carried out efficiently. Service sells and we act on this


Certified to SS-EN ISO 9001:2015. Isolamin works continuously with product development. All products are certified by different quality institutes, classification societies and authorities.


Production takes place in Överkalix, 40 km south of the Arctic Circle. Sales offices are located in Överkalix and in Arlandastad, Stockholm. Within Construction and Industry, our customers are primarily from Scandinavia and northern Europe.

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