Cleanroom & coldroom

Complete cleanroom solution

Advanced production methods in electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and food production require very high purity.

A controlled environment with regard to cleanliness in a cleanroom is a prerequisite for the functioning of the production processes. Cleanrooms must be flexible and be able to adapt to increased requirements and needs.

Why Isolamin building systems for cleanrooms?

  • Complete cleanroom solution with doors, windows, ceilings and assembly profiles in a customized system.
  • High level of service from Isolamin’s staff, specification service and proposals for detailed solutions.
  • Experience in cleanroom technology, many different projects performed with Isolamin Cleanroom wall.
  • The element joint system provides a completely smooth wall surface.
  • Many different materials and surfaces, such as stainless steel, pvc-coated or painted sheet metal.
  • Very high capacity in the factory for fast deliveries and many variation opportunities.
  • Many years of experience in deliveries with customized system solutions regarding labelling, packaging and transport.
  • Sealing class: Class A-D
  • Good noise reduction to and from adjacent operations.
  • Pressure tight at average pressure.

Do you want to know more?

Tord Tegelid, Säljare

Tord Tegelid

Central & South of Sweden

Maria Ojercrantz, Säljare

Maria Öjercrantz

North of Sweden & abroad

Isolamin Ljudisolering - panelsystem

Acoustics Walls

Sound-absorbing, non-combustible and strong sandwich construction.


Industrial offices

Easy-to-assemble interior system for industry and hallway.

Isolamin Ventilation - sandwichpaneler


Complete wall systems for fan rooms and ducts.

Isolamin Renrum - sandwichpaneler


Flexible solutions for environments with cleanliness and cooling requirements.

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