Acoustic Walls

Soundproofing with acoustic panels

Isolamin wall system is a prefabricated building element of non-combustible material with very good properties for noise reduction and attenuation. 

Construction – acoustic panels

The element is constructed according to the sandwich principle, with a core of transverse mineral wool glued on both sides to a surface layer of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet that can be obtained both smooth and perforated. The product is well-proven in environments that place very high demands on materials and construction. 

The Isolamin panel system is a flexible system with a variety of advantages that make it excellent for attenuation and reduction of noise in industry

Easy processing for soundproofing

Together with profiles, windows and doors in systems, the wall elements form a complete system. During, for example, machine installation, it is necessary to be able to customize noise protection. The panels can be moulded with a jigsaw. Assembly and processing is therefore very easy, no special tools are required.

The noise reduction of 29-53 dB Rw allows the system to be easily adapted to needs and economy.


Panel facts

Sheet: SSAB
Thickness: 0,6-1,0 mm
Insulation: Paroc



Fire class: EI60 (according to EN 1364-1)
Sound reduction: 28-53 dB Rw
Sound absorption: Class A-D
Sealing class: A-D
Strenght: up to 1,8 kN/m

Industrial offices

Isolamin delivers easy-to-assemble building kits for industrial offices

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Tord Tegelid, Säljare

Tord Tegelid

Central & South of Sweden 

Maria Ojercrantz, Säljare

Maria Öjercrantz

North of Sweden & abroad

Isolamin Ljudisolering - panelsystem

Acoustics Walls

Sound-absorbing, non-flammable, and durable sandwich construction.


Industrial offices

Easy-to-assemble interior system for industrial and hall applications.

Isolamin Ventilation - sandwichpaneler


Complete wall systems for fan rooms and ducts.

Isolamin Renrum - sandwichpaneler


Flexible solutions for environments with requirements for cleanliness and cooling.

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