Sustainability & quality

Certified quality.
Sustainable focus.

Our products for construction and industry meet high requirements for sustainable construction from a long-term perspective. 


We place high demands on ourselves and work actively to improve our environmental work both internally and externally. Type-approved products and eco-labels are acknowledgements that we are working in the right direction with a sustainable focus.

Development work takes place in-house and in collaboration with sister companies, acoustic experts, fire testing facilities, material experts, suppliers and customers.

  • Most products are currently certified by different classification societies.
  • Isolamin’s panels are CE-rated.
  • All production takes place in-house to ensure the quality of all components and processes.
  • Isolamin is certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2015 regarding panel production and SS- EN ISO 14001:2015 for module and panel production.



Our quality policy

  • We will manufacture sandwich elements that, when releasing product, must be 100% correct based on tolerances on the product sheet for the promised product.
  • We will deliver on time to 100%.
  • Our strength is that we have satisfied customers. We continuously follow up customer satisfaction.
  • We will systematically work on continuous improvements.
  • We will comply with applicable laws and requirements. 


Certificate SS-EN ISO 14001:2015

Our environmental and energy policy

We will be a company that works for a better environment by constantly evaluating what we do based on its environmental impact.

We work for higher productivity and less energy consumption per unit produced. We will therefore:

  • increase knowledge and raise awareness of environmental and energy issues among all employees
  • influence, demand and collaborate with other companies, suppliers, authorities and organizations
  • the manufacturing process should be developed so that it is as energy efficient as possible
  • see environmental and energy improvement measures as business
  • prevent pollution in air, soil and water by considering the environmental impact of what we do
  • comply with legal and other requirements

Type-approved product
certifies high quality

We have type approval from Rise which assesses that the product meets high quality requirements.


Reviewed, assessed and approved by the construction products assessment

The assessment also shows the criteria that are met in Miljöbyggnad and BREEAM.


Environmentally assessed in Sunda Hus

Isolamin meets the requirements for SundaHus’ criteria for environmentally conscious choices.

Isolamin is energy-smart!

Isolamin has participated in a 5-year project, the Energy Efficiency Network Norrbotten, where Energikontor Norr has been the project leader. With participants from various companies in Norrbotten, the goal was to collectively reduce their CO2 emissions by 30%.

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